Thoughts from an Alien

July 18, 2018

Hi, my name is Doc.  I am, what you might sarcastically call, an all-knowing alien. However, if anything, our higher alien intellect has taught us that we do not know much yet. Nonetheless, our understanding of the universe goes far beyond those of you humans.  Although you are important to us, and we go to great lengths to help and protect you from yourselves as we observe from afar, we try to stay out of your lives.  Well, except for this forum, that is. I even decided to share my picture below taken on a trip I made to the moon.

I met many humans in my lifetime here on Earth. My most interesting one was a fellow named Max Fairmont. I had several adventures with him. He even saved my life once during and accident when we were frolicking on the moon. He wanted so bad to tell his story, but I told him nobody would believe him, and he would be thought a lunatic – pun intended. He got around that problem very cleverly though, by having a friend of his write a book about our adventures as if it were a science fiction novel, the title of which was Alien Mysteries: The Earthling.

Talking about mysteries, now that I opened this blog, you can ask me all kind of questions just about any subject you might think of, from daily routine occurrences that have no explanation here on Earth, to more serious events in the universe that your scientists are scratching their heads to resolve. Go ahead, shoot away.

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