Q.- How is this science-fiction novel different from others in the same genre?
A.- It’s about benign beings that don’t mean any harm to humans. A scientist who accidentally comes in contact with them is taken along on incredible adventures, while at the same time they answer his many questions about unresolved mysteries in our world and the universe at large.

Q.- Are there words, names, or other terms in the novel that are not of common knowledge?
A.- As with any work of literature, there might be words that the reader is not familiar with. They can be found in a dictionary or can be accessed through the internet by means of a search engine, such as Google or Yahoo – Wikipedia is the best source there.

Q.- How long did it take to write the novel?
A.- Four years to write and half-a-year to publish.

Q.- Is its content family friendly?
A.- It would be rated PG for some mild violence and a few places of necessary conversational vulgarisms.

Q.- What educational level is needed to understand the book?
A.- To follow the plot, a 4th Grade level is adequate. However, there are four chapters that need a high school level to comprehend. Also, the author points out in a note to the reader that those chapters can be bypassed without missing any part of the adventure’s plot – “. . . if science is not your cup of tea,” but if you regularly watch TV’s Science channel, you will enjoy them as well.

Q.- How long is the book?
A.- It has a total of 393 pages in 42 chapters.

Q.- Will there be a sequel?
A.- The novel leaves itself open for a sequel.